Product Comparison: 988 Moto-1 vs. the 989 Moto-V Full Face



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  • Gal Agassi

    I purchased the VOSS 988 helmet at the motorcycle show in Toronto 2-3 month ago from a shop, it looks amazing and has great features I love, also feels great. However I have a HUGE issue with the helmet, the wind noise buzzing in my ears is not normal, 2-3 days of riding (still pre-season here in Canada) and I have a constant humming / ringing noise in my ears as a result...

    I believe this is due to wind finding its way inside from somewhere in the frame of the helmet since I close all the vents. 

    If VOSS can tell me and others how to fix this, I will be happy with the helmet, even if it is taping the vents from the inside, just please let us know. There are other comments like that about the 988 on YouTube and forums I only see it now. I am happy to pay more to replace parts if needs, VOSS please help, it is a good product, don't want to get rid of it...

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